For some, remote working sounds like the perfect work arrangement. You get flexible work hours, escape the office hullabaloo, and have more freedom with the way you work. However, a 2017 UN report points out that while telecommuting has its benefits, it tends to put a lot of stress on employees. In fact, 41% of people who work from home tend to be more physically and emotionally strained. That’s 16% higher than what’s been recorded for people who work in an office.

This is due to the fact that working from home presents a series of unique challenges. With telecommuting, it’s hard to keep a clear distinction between your work and personal life. One thing that may be sacrificed in this arrangement is a healthy relationship between you and your family. With all that said, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you create time for your loved ones while working remotely.

Create and follow a schedule

One of the key things to consider when working from home is creating a schedule that’s perfectly balanced. At home, it’s harder to keep track of time, especially if you’re engrossed in your work. This may lead you to unknowingly putting more time into your work and reducing the time you spend with your family. Open Source’s guide to creating a work schedule advises that you have to be strict with your start and end times. This means that you have to try to work only when you need to work, and use your breaks for personal development or to have a quick chat with your family.

Avoid getting distracted

You have to keep distractions at a minimum in order to have more time for your family and yourself at the end of your workday. One way to do this is by finding a quiet and secluded place in your house where you can work in peace. Also, discuss with your family that they have to respect your work hours and tell them to bother you only when it’s necessary.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

It’s easy to forget to take care of your well-being when you have your work and family to think of; however, not taking care of yourself can pull down your work productivity, as well as your energy for your family. For starters, it helps to ensure that your home workstation is good for you and your body. Pain Free Working highlights the importance of ergonomics to avoid pain and stress from long hours of work. Be sure to find a comfortable chair with a backrest and maintain a good sitting posture all throughout your workday. Moreover, try to maximize your work breaks to give your brain time to recuperate. You can do this by doing something relaxing like meditation or listening to a podcast. This way, you’re in much better shape when it’s finally time to hang out with your family.

Try to think of fun activities

During your free time, you have to have some kind of bonding activity to help strengthen the relationship you have with your family. Some good examples are going on a bike ride together, having a cookout, and camping in your backyard. Whichever activity you choose, it’s important to find common ground with your family. This way, everyone enjoys the time they spend with each other.