Here in Wisconsin, the weather is consistently throwing us for a loop. Anticipating snow and ice is something we all should do.
If you’re looking to avoid an icy driveway this winter, or you’re curious about when and how to apply salt, here’s a few tips to get you started:
Before salting, make sure to shovel your driveway or sidewalk and clear as much snow as possible. This will help the salt work directly on the icy patches.
You don’t need a ton of salt to clear the ice off your driveway. A nice even layer of salt should do the trick and help to remove ice buildup.
Each version of salt varies and has its own specified melting temperature. When selecting salt, make sure to read the manufacture instructions on the package for proper use and application. Most times, salt should begin to work within 20 minutes. If the ice isn’t melting, it may be too cold outside for that specific salt product.
Once the ice has started to melt, try and remove some of the thicker patches with a shovel to reduce re-freezing and slush. Reapply salt in extremely icy areas as needed.
Here are some additional tips to keep you and others safe:
Protect yourself when using salt by wearing a pair of gloves or using a scoop to spread the salt out. If your children are outside, keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t come into contact with any salt either!
Consider your furry family members. When brining pets inside, check their paws. Salt left on a dog’s paws can cause some significant burns and make your pup extremely uncomfortable.
Think ahead. If you’re having friends over or you’re concerned about people slipping, clear your driveway and sprinkle salt down so it has enough time to start working.
Keeping your driveway and sidewalk clear is incredibly important to avoid injury, not only to you and your family, but also to guests or neighbors.