Do you like the new car smell or the shine of new paint? Buying a car can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Negotiations and paperwork can lead to many hours spent at a car dealership. Learning about the new technology and safety features available on cars today may require even more time at the dealership. Based on your insurance company, discounts may be available for these new safety features.
Here is a list of new safety features/systems that may be in your next car.
Forward Crash Avoidance – We’ve all been in a situation where traffic comes to a sudden stop or we approach a car too quickly. This system helps prevent those situations by alerting you when your vehicle is getting close to another auto or object. The system may automatically cause your car to brake in order to avoid the collision.
Lane Departure – Fatigue or distractions can cause you to inadvertently stray across lane markings. A lane departure warning system alerts you if this happens when your turn signal is not activated.
Blind Spot Monitoring – If you drive through rush hour traffic on a regular basis, changing lanes can be difficult. A blind spot monitoring system alerts you to the presence of an auto, or other object, in the vehicle’s blind spot.
Backup Warning System – Sadly, we’ve all heard of the stories of small children injured or killed by a vehicle backing up. By 2018, all new vehicles sold in the U.S. will have these systems installed. These systems are comprised of sensors and/or cameras that alert the driver of objects located behind the vehicle. These systems may also include an alert when traffic is approaching the vehicle from the side. These systems may or may not include automatic braking functionality.
Adaptive Headlights – As we approach fall, deer hits significantly increase. Adaptive headlights follow the path of the vehicle, adjusting the beam to the curve of the road, as well as the speed and steering angle of the auto. These new headlights may help spot animals that dart out onto the road. Please note: Daytime running lights or automatic on/off headlight features are different from adaptive headlights, and do not qualify for a discount.
Driver Fatigue Sensing System – Drowsy driving is a problem in the United States, which often has tragic results. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2013 drowsy driving was responsible for approximately:
72,000 crashes;
44,000 injuries; and
800 deaths.
This system will monitor driver steering patterns and other behaviors to detect a lack of attention and/or potential drowsiness. The driver is typically alerted by vibrations in the steering wheel or seat, or with audible warnings.
Please remember these discounts vary by coverage and a maximum vehicle discount is applicable based on the number and combination of discounts. Talk to your independent insurance agent to see if your car qualifies.
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