A growing number of individuals today, especially Millennials, choose not to own an automobile. Auto loans and the costs of maintaining a vehicle aren’t appealing to them. With a number of alternative modes of transportation, like trains, buses, and bicycles, owning a vehicle isn’t always necessary. Commuters can easily get to their destinations using popular ride-sharing programs, such as Uber and Lyft.
If you don’t own an automobile, here are some things to consider.
What if you rent a vehicle while you’re on vacation or need to borrow a friend’s truck to haul that new couch you bought at Ikea? Rental car companies will sell you their own insurance, but it’s expensive and comes with hidden fees. What if your friend let his auto insurance lapse or he has low liability limits? Why risk it?
An option could be to add a Named-Non-Owner coverage to your policy. This coverage provides you with personal auto liability protection at a discounted rate over standard auto coverage. It includes Medical Payments in case you’re injured in a car accident. It also provides Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist coverage, which protects you from individuals who drive without auto insurance or who have low limits.
Named–Non-Owner coverage not only protects you as the vehicle driver, you’re also protected if you’re a passenger in a vehicle, like that Uber ride, and when you’re a pedestrian.
You select the desired auto liability limits and add the coverage to your insurance policy. Since West Bend’s Home and Highway is a package policy, this coverage takes the place of typical auto coverage so you can easily bundle it with your homeowner’s coverage.
If you have any questions, or want to review other insurance needs you may have, be sure to talk to your local agent today!