When the weather gets hot at this time of year, you tend to hear people say, “The dog days of summer are definitely here.” When I was young and I heard my parents say that, I knew it meant the hot weather was here and the air conditioning would be turned on. Thank goodness!
“The dog days of summer” isn’t a reference to our pets being outside in the heat with their tongues out, scrounging for a bowl of water. It refers to Sirius the Dog Star. It was thought in ancient times that when the Dog Star aligned with the sun, weather would get even hotter. This alignment occurs in July and goes into August.
When the weather gets hot and humid, the last thing you want to experience is trouble with your air conditioner.
My brother, as well as some friends of mine, recently experienced issues with their central air conditioning. For my friends, it led to buying a new and expensive system. Ouch! For my brother, it was a simple fix. His condenser unit was clogged with cottonwood.
A few years ago, I found my basement carpet soaked with water. I learned the plastic tubing that went from the furnace to the drain was clogged with mold and it caused the water to back up everywhere.
Here are some videos that may help you identify why your home isn’t cooling during the “dog days of summer.” If the repair looks too complicated, call your local heating and air conditioning contractor.
Air Conditioner Not Cooling
How to fix your AC! Outdoor fan not running
Hello, You Need a New Compressor on that Air Conditioner. NOT!
Furnace AC Water Leak Fixed
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