Winter is not kind to automobiles, especially ones kept outside during snowstorms and frigid nights. Consider giving your vehicle a spring overhaul to restore its condition and extend its life. Areas of concern include:
Tires: Low pressure can cause a blowout, diminishes handling and will lower your fuel economy. A sticker in your door jamb will indicate correct pressure. Inflate your tires properly. It is a good idea to rotate tires about every 7,500 miles,
Fluids: Check your coolant level and dipsticks for oil and transmission fluid level. Also be on the lookout for brittle gaskets.
Hoses, belts and blades: All of these deteriorate through use and age, but especially when temperatures are cold. Check the tightness of the belts when the engine is off, and check the firmness of the radiator hose when the car is running.
Underside: Salt and sand can cling to your car’s exterior and damage the body of your car. Wash the undercarriage with a sprinkler or a garden hose to get rid of lingering debris.